Friday, February 11, 2011

Mike takes Boston….and Wellesley College

Gawd-damm Zetabeta!"’

I’m going to be honest- there is no way to describe what exactly a “zetabeta” is, so don’t ask. It’s simply a part of the on-going fun that is Snowdlack.

So here is a run-down of what should be expected from the upcoming posts:

  • Casey and I have a friendship based on inside jokes and laughter, so a lot of what I could write about might not make any sense [see above: zetabeta]; thus I might not write about everything that happens
  • Snowdlack is a sacred gathering of Mike Snowden and Casey Sedlack [Snowden + Sedlack = Snowdlack]. It began our sophomore year at UW with our first dinner party at Casey’s apartment. Back then, naming Facebook groups was vital to the event’s success- Snowdlack was born.
  • Casey has an extreme dislike for Boston and makes sure to get that point across early and often
  • I am visiting Casey while she is still in school, so there are not as many wild adventures as two guys on vacation, as in Norway.
  • At this point in my travels I am running quite low on cash AND planning my move to sunny California, so this also aids in my lack of exciting stories.

So there you have it- the set up for my East Coast experience. With that said, I will begin with one of the first get-go’s in Boston: Nicholas Surprise Party!

Yes- I went to a surprise party.

Hear me out, hear me out! It’s one of Casey’s friends and I, being Casey’s plus-one, was automatically invited. Plus, Casey and these select group of friends, all attend Wellesley College aka “an all-girls school”.  Let me break it down for you:  ( 1 Dude ) + ( a small dorm full of  women ) = Awesome!


As you can tell from the exuberant pic that this was a goodtime and seriosuly- it was fun. It was kind of awkward at first to be the only dude in the room because I kept getting stared at like I was a predator, but then the girls started to realize that I was a good guy with no bad intentions and wasn’t there for negative juju. After we went through (3) bottles of wine,  two (1/5’s) of vodka, a (1.5) of gin,  a bottle of champagne, (6) Pabst tall boys, and an unknown amount of booze I didn’t even see, we hopped a bus to Harvard Square (I think) to a bar where the girls danced and I, well, picked up my feet and put them back down. In other words- I mandanced.

Man-dance [mann*dan*s]: vb 1. the act of gyrating ones body parts in a manner akin to dancing but lacks fluidity and general attractiveness.

In any case, that went on for a while. Now, two fantastic moments from the evening:

  • A true classic Snowlack moment- A hip-thrust competition between Casey and I spread through the group and soon everyone was doing this:

hip thrust Sick, right?!

  • Upon leaving the bar, I tripped over a snowbank and faceplanted on the sidewalk. But good news everyone- I survived the fall!

Now, after trying to get into another bar around 2am and getting turned out because of America’s fleeting sense of fun [I’m still on a Scandinavian club-high since the bars don’t close until at least 5:30am], the crowd started to get disgruntled and, in turn, began retiring for the evening. A couple of Harvard business mucky-mucks had been talking to Casey and invited us over for drinks at their apartment, and as the saying goes…when in Rome..right? We head off to these dudes’ place and have some beers and I ended up passing out in a chair after drinking a beer. Why? Not because I was drunk, no, no- but because these guys were SO GOD AWFULLY BORING! AND they kept their apartment heat turned up so high, as soon as I walked in I was sleepy!

See, when it comes to warm rooms or cars or even warm weather- I get just as sleepy as an old dog in a window. Here’s another equation for you:

( [some drinks throughout the night] + [mandancing] ) x ( [BORING ASS HARVARD BUSINESS DUDES] + [ a really warm room] ) = A passed out Michael.

And you know, honestly, I’m kind of glad I did pass out. On one hand, I feel bad for leaving Casey to talk with these two boners by herself, but at the same time, it kind of pushed us to leave and head home; trust me- these guys were NOT at all interesting. I don’t want to stereotype Harvard business guys as being boring, but they sure didn’t do a good job at proving me wrong….just saying.

So! My first exciting adventure happened to be a mix of partying with a room full of women (who, I might add, I became quite protective of throughout the night. If a weird guy came around, I’d either keep my eye on him or move the girl to the other side of the group hahah, and they were very appreciative of this) and a small apartment with two Harvard business guys. Was it worth it?

Yes- I received many-a free beverage throughout the night and that ALWAYS equals a good time!


Mike out!

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